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For the Professionals, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

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Yes, it's that time already!

Sit back for a few moments, that increasing to-do-list will get done with some assistance, but first, go to that essential business meeting whilst I hold the fort.  Go for a coffee or tea break with a friend.  Relax with a much needed spa time, or take important family time;  whatever private or professional moment you need to take, here is your helping hand to assist you - your virtual personal assistant. Be it professional or personal tasks you need assistance with, such as a special event to plan, help is here to ease that load,  just ask.



Over 10 years experience of being a personal assistant for a business owner in the courier business, I have now branched out to help other professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs.

I have strong administrative experience having undertook roles in public, commercial and legal services.  A logical thinker with great attention to detail. 

Confident communicator in building productive relationships with excellent organisational skills.  Presentation is of the upmost importance to me.

A trust worthy asset with discretion, the ability to foresee possible problems and solve issues before they arise.



Client Reviews

Marsha assists me with various administrative tasks I just do not have time to do, a great right hand.
— Peter O'Sullivan
Being a busy professional in the legal sector, I required assistance in planning a private family function. Marsha is exceptional and assisted the whole affair with proficiency and elegance.

Marsha was very diligent and professional handling that proved the correct choice. To put it simple, she delivered within budget and time frame in a truly professional way.
— Marie Moule
I found Marsha to be reliable, trustworthy and dedicated. Marsha can be relied on to get the task set for her on time and to tight deadlines.

A person of good work ethics, Marsha can be relied on to provide a professional service without fail and I have no hesitation in recommending her.
— Beverley Johnson